USASMAUnited States Army Sergeants Major Academy
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The RC-configured 54B40 ANCOC is a two-phase course with USASMA common core a prerequisite.
In addition to USASMA and the CTCs, the program has been endorsed by training units deploying to lraq and Afghanistan and other theaters of operations.
Liaison between the Army, USASMA and CTCs, reinforcing doctrine and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) among senior NCOs of tactical units; and
The senior NCO mentors are handpicked by the commandant of USASMA and commanders of the respective CTCs, and endorsed by the Sergeant Major of the Army.
Current 96B30 8 Weeks of Training USASMA Common Core 17 days US Army OPS ASAS Overview 5 days SASO IPB 7 days MDMP CM & TGT 5 days RWS 3 days Research Paper & briefs 2 days STX 3 days Pilot (Jan 2001) USASMA Common Core 12 days RWS Instruction (Functions & 9 days Operations) (Integrated training with into Engineering, ACE/ACT Conliguration, Communications Architecture) Intelligence Analyst Tasks on RWS 20 days (Brigade, Division, and TOC, exercise) Note: See the glossary on page 64 for expansion of the acronyms.