USASMAUnited States Army Sergeants Major Academy
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Unlike other fellowship programs in the Army where students spend a year at a university or college taking courses, the USASMA fellowship assigns its students to USASMA to take online courses through Pennsylvania State University World Campus.
Diehl, advisor and professor, to USASMA to provide a 2-day orientation of the master's degree program and Pennsylvania State University World Campus.
In late August, the fellows participated in a special graduation ceremony that was hosted by the USASMA, with Pennsylvania State University staff and faculty in attendance.
As mentioned on the USASMA Web site, "The Secretary of the Army and Chief of Staff, U.
2) USASMA Fellowship Program, USASMA Web site, <http://usasma.
In addition to USASMA and the CTCs, the program has been endorsed by training units deploying to lraq and Afghanistan and other theaters of operations.
Liaison between the Army, USASMA and CTCs, reinforcing doctrine and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) among senior NCOs of tactical units; and
The senior NCO mentors are handpicked by the commandant of USASMA and commanders of the respective CTCs, and endorsed by the Sergeant Major of the Army.
In addition to their work with the CTC rotational units, senior NCO mentors also serve as liaison between USASMA and the CTCs, reinforcing doctrine and TTP among NCOs and officers.