USAVUnited States Army Vessel
USAVUnited States of America Volleyball
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As a USAV PMP, Barco will now be plugged into a network of integrators who can specify Barco products in their solutions to meet a variety of ProAV needs in all types of businesses, government entities, educational institutions, houses of worship, healthcare organizations, and entertainment venues.
Using a highly selective process, we have brought in companies that we feel provide best-in-class products for our integrators to use in designing and building successful ProAV solutions, comment Chris Whitley, USAV Founder & CFO.
In return, USAV members will enjoy many benefits offered in the Barco Connect
American Technology Corporation (NASDAQ:ATCO), a leading innovator of proprietary sound reproduction technologies and products, today announced it has signed a preferred partnership agreement with the USAV Group, LLC, a national association of leading professional audio/visual solutions dealers.
We're delighted to announce our new partnership with USAV Group.
American Technology Corporation's HSS directional sound system features a superior level of quality and performance, and we are excited to be a provider of this leading edge solution," said Chris Whitley, USAV Group's chief executive officer.
With great partners like USAV and Jose Cuervo, and a tremendous field of very talented athletes, we envision consistent growth and success for the sport in the coming years.
IMG, USAV and Jose Cuervo will turn up the fan energy through ancillary events, attractions, sponsor activations, hospitality programs and more in order to build a beach lifestyle festival as a backdrop for each tournament.
Lennon, formerly with USA Volleyball, launched the USAV National Beach Volleyball Tour in 2005.
Dorfman testified under oath that he had not sold any stock at retail, and that he ceased all trading of USAV stock since the day after the lawsuit was filed.
Company counsel has now uncovered proof that Dorfman did, in fact, sell USAV shares prior to his testimony and again immediately after the decision of the judge was announced.