USAWCUnited States Army War College
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Andrew Scobell, David Lai, and Roy Kamphausen (Carlisle, PA: SSI, USAWC, 2011), 217-18; and "Mission and Vision", Daniel K.
To develop Afghan women as leaders, USAWC launched RAWLI in 2014.
7) In addition to the broad guidance in the OPMEP, faculty qualification requirements in a recent job announcement for a PoP position at the USAWC included the following: "Ability to prepare, teach, and lecture on subjects related to the theory and practice of military strategy, campaign planning, defense management, and joint and combined military operations.
It examines the tensions between theoretical and utilitarian education in strategy and concludes with a recommendation that USAWC faculty design and implement a portfolio approach to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of senior-level education.
Editor's Note: This is an extract from Colonel Stevens USAWC Program Research Project, 2014 "Maximizing Reserve Component Intelligence Support: Progress, Problems, and Proposals.
This came during the last visit paid recently by the RAO Commander to the USAWC as per an invitation from Maj.
Army War College, Strategic Research Project, Non Deployable Soldiers: Understanding the Army's Challenge 22 (7 May 2011) [hereinafter USAWC Report].
50) A number of speakers at the USAWC have denigrated the CONARC template without distinguishing between a necessary, but poorly administered organization, and the model itself.
8) "Strategic Review of the USAWC Academic Program," author's copy, information briefing presented at Army War College faculty call, August 16, 2013.
He recently taught military history at West Point, and now serves as Director of Concepts and Doctrine at the USAWC.
USAWC and Culture: PME and JPME II Implementation, Stage 4