USBLUnited States Basketball League
USBLUltra-Short Baseline (acoustic positioning system)
USBLUniform Straight Bill of Lading (shipping)
USBLUS Backgammon League
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Length of each patch was then estimated from time-specific cumulative distance (as measured with the DVL [HOV] or USBL [ROV]) along each transect.
Previous Clubs: Caja Rioja, Spain (2006-07), Newcastle Eagles (2005-06), Efes Pilsen Istanbul, Turkey (2005-transferred), Scottish Rocks (2005-transferred), Newcastle Eagles (2002-05), Fisica, Portugal (2001-02), Atlantic City Seagulls, USBL (2001), WBC Wels, Austria (2000-01), Newcastle Eagles (1999-2000)
Nancy Lieberman became the first female player to play in a men's league, with the USBL Springfield Fame, in 1986.
A Ranger 2 USBL system has been installed on the EM Leader survey vessel with DPT 6 mini transponders mounted on the EM source and the dipole at regular intervals along its length.
But Thomas suddenly summoned Jones, who played pro ball briefly in the USBL, into the practice.
Has played in NBDL, USBL and in Holland and France.
Hyatt twice linked up with the Pennsylvania Valley Dawgs in the USBL, who were coached by the legendary NBA star Darryl Dawkins, nicknamed Chocolate Thunder and famous for his backboard-smashing antics in the NBA during the 80s.
The company has upgraded the Ranger 1 system installed on the SEAMEC Princess to Sonardyne's current generation USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) platform, Ranger 2 Pro, the highest specification system available.
Navigation fixes (latitude and longitude coordinates) were received from a Thales GeoPacific Winfrog ORE Trackpoint 2 USBL (FugroPelagos, San Diego, CA) system at two-second intervals, and a Winfrog DAT file was generated for the research dive.
Ridges, a 6-foot-1 point guard, joins the team after spending time playing professionally in the USBL and NBDL, as well as Holland and, most recently, in the France "A" league.