USBMUnited States Bureau of Mines
USBMUnited States Black Metal (music genre)
USBMUnited States Bureau of Morality (fictitious, Orwellian government agency)
USBMUnité de Sauvetage Brome-Missisquoi (First Rescue)
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Breadth of application had improved with development of agglomeration by the USBM in 1979.
As the 3 months that Congress set for dismantling USBM draw to a close on Jan.
Details regarding undisturbed soils can be found in USBM (1978) and on post reclamation soils in USBM (1983a, b, and c).
The USBM has conducted successful surface trials with this miner and also recommended that tele-operation continuous mining include the use of continuous haulage, such as Joy's 3FCT flexible conveyor train.
PHOSPHATE ROCK IMPORTS AND EXPORTS (K mt) YEAR IMPORTS EXPORTS 1984 9 11,528 1985 34 10,878 1986 528 9,010 1987 464 9,008 1988 728 9,018 1989 683 8,979 1990 408 7,152 1991 663 5,622 1992 1,644 3,919 1993 1,461 3,618 1994 1,834 3,302 1995 1,810 3,090 1996 1,816 1,571 1997 (r) 1,876 271 1998 (e) 1,920 200 Sources: USBM, USGS, and FERTECON Research Center (e) Estimated (r) Revised
USBM - also proposed pyrite addition, but used pure carbon monoxide as reductant.
Indeed, if there is no consensual resolution and the political pot simmers too long, Congress, in its frustration, is again capable of acting irrationally, to everybody's subsequent discontent - as it did when it shut down the USBM.
The USBM reports[1]: "Ocean shipping for Venezuela's export coal is limited to small ships, handy-size and panamax vessels, whose shipping costs are relatively high compared to larger ships.
In a project with the USBM, Diesel Controls is evaluating a new emission control system for underground use at Climax Metal's Henderson mine.
And some ecologically sensitive areas could suffer because one less watchdog is on guard, one former USBM employee opined.