USBPUnited States Border Patrol
USBPUniversal System Benefits Program (Montana)
USBPUS Bureau of Prisons
USBPUnited States Bullet Proofing (Upper Marlboro, MD)
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This year's Innovation Award honored USBP for the Border Patrol Industry Academy.
Coast Guard (2013 Industry Engagement), USBP (2012 Industry Engagement) and TSA (2012 Industry Engagement).
The Border Patrol Special Operations Group (SOG) is comprised of both Border Patrol Tactical Operations (BORTAC) unit and Border Patrol Search, Trauma & Rescue (BORSTAR) personnel/specialties and provides the majority, but not all the USBP instructors and operators.
This work, then, seeks to move beyond demands for more "humane" border securitization and immigration policy, particularly in light of the ongoing adoption of humanitarian discourse by the USBP and CBP as a strategy to further legitimize its practices of denial of freedom of movement, (13) even as the death toll continues to grow, often exceeding five hundred or more deaths per year.
Crossing in the deserts of the southwest US, migrants face five or more days of walking in some of the most inhospitable terrain and climates possible, typically encountering abuse at the hands of "coyotes," (21) vigilante groups, ranchers, and USBP agents.
By funneling migration into more remote desert corridors and interdicting life-saving humanitarian aid, the USBP and other law enforcement agents seek to disorganize the work of solidarity in the borderlands.
Among other benefits, the class shed light on how terrorists target critical infrastructures and the risks posed to such infrastructures under the USBP jurisdiction, such as generating stations.
As part of this dialogue, USBP Senior Leadership will participate in several discussions over the two day period focusing on major strategic initiatives, including: Southern Border & Approaches Campaign, Biometrics, Enforcement Technology, Geospatial Intelligence, Special Operations & Mobility, Operational Requirements and Manpower Requirements Determinations.
CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowski and USBP Chief Michael Fisher will address the initial meeting of the Academy on Tuesday, June 10.
FLETC, America's leading trainer of federal law enforcement professionals, as well as USBP, which falls under the aegis of the Immigration and Naturalization Service -- are now at the front of the line for ZARC's self- study program, which is based on rapid training, eliminating the need for officers to take time off duty to complete the course.
Many intrusions and attempted border crossings occur at night and in remote or relatively lightly traveled areas, making the ability to "see at night" critical for USBP agents.
USBP performs four functions: establishes a billing policy for a provider network; allows providers of network services to measure subscriber use of those services; allows providers to assign a cost to the amount of service used by each subscriber; and generates monthly billing data for each subscriber.