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USCARUnited States Council for Automotive Research
USCARUnited States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands
USCARUnlimited Stock Car Automobile Racing (Heart Corporation)
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Founded in 1992, USCAR is the collaborative automotive technology organization for Chrysler, Ford and GM, Its goal is to further strengthen the technology base of the US auto industry through cooperative R&D.
Consisting of DOE and USCAR and building on a nine-year-old Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles, it aimed to emphasize research on hydrogen and fuel cells.
Argonne, the APC and USCAR intend to pursue an aggressive research agenda that will focus on the development and demonstration of technologies to recover and recycle automotive materials within the existing recycling infrastructure.
With 30 research teams, hundreds of projects and thousands of researchers, USCAR has learned about the pros and cons of collaboration among competitors.
As USCAR reports, powertrain hybridization breaks down into two approaches: "parallel - both the heat engine and electric motor provide propulsion power - or series - the heat engine generates electricity for the electric propulsion system.
USCAR (the US Council for Automotive Research) supports cooperative research and development to advance automotive technologies.
The Award was presented on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, at the USCAR 2011 Recognition Luncheon held at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy, Mich.
USAMP and USCAR were chosen for the award for their "investment in metalcasting and for fostering and supporting research and technological development assisting in the advancement of metalcasting in the pursuit of lightweight component applications.
Department of Energy and USCAR, whose members are DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Ford and General Motors Corporation; and five energy suppliers, BP America, Chevron Corporation, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil Corporation and Shell Hydrogen (U.
Although they are developing SAE and similar papers at Intermet, and while USCAR is working to promulgate information about the material, comparatively speaking, you're more likely to find out how magnesium can contribute to a healthy body than about why it is a valuable material for certain automotive components.
GITT members, especially the USCAR members, agreed that, if PHEVs and EVs are to gain mass acceptance by consumers, it is mission-critical to reduce the amount of time vehicle buyers have to wait to have vehicle charge stations installed at their homes.
Designed for simple, faster assembly, the compact MX150 sealed connector system delivers high performance and a reduced package size over traditional USCAR connectors.