USCENTAFUnited States Central Command Air Forces
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In order to create a comprehensive Air Force contingency contracting database for OIF, the RAND team used transaction logs maintained by the office of the USCENTAF comptroller, headquartered at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina.
The USCENTAF Central Processing Site (CPS) is the accounting branch for the comptroller staff.
Our technical knowledge and real-world operational experience combine to keep our work on-target, helping ensure that USCENTAF meets its mission goals," Fry said.
Analysis was conducted on the combined USCENTAF demands, items currently not forward stocked because of insufficient storage space, and items that are currently forward stocked.
For example, during FY06 in the USCENTAF Area of Responsibility (AOR) industrial mishaps increased by 50 percent.
Michael Moseley, Operation IRAQI FREEDOM--By the Numbers (Shaw AFB, SC: USCENTAF, Combined Forces Air Component, Assessment and Analysis Division, 30 April 2003), 7-8.
Under an eight-year contract valued at $5,400,000, SI International will assist the various USCENTAF divisions at Shaw AFB, SC.
We also recognized that careful spending on our part gave the Air Force greater flexibility to execute its entire budget both at the home station and in the USCENTAF area of responsibility.
Finally, MSgt Jones and SSgt Bozsoki engaged USCENTAF and fixed Special Experience Identifier/Munitions Inspector shortfalls which existed for over a year to institutionalize continued safe inspections of over 18,000 pounds NEW of munitions.
Anteon will provide operations and maintenance support services for telecommunications and information technology systems supporting military operations for USCENTAF in Kuwait.
Future phases may add additional advanced features to the USCENTAF NETCOP system.
In this example, which is similar to real-world mishaps we in USCENTAF have had to address since Sept.