USCIRFUnited States Commission on International Religious Freedom (est. 1998)
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On October 5, 2017, USCIRF Vice Chairs Jolley and Arriaga were granted access to Kiriklar Prison in Izmir and allowed to visit with Pastor Brunson.
The USCIRF in its annual reports from 2001 to 20161 has consistently called on the State Department to designate Pakistan as CPC, however, the U.
In a press release, the USCIRF stated that its members had hoped the administration would take its recommendation to add a half dozen more nations to the "concern" list.
However, the move is not surprising as the USCIRF has backed up their stance using the discrimination against minorities prevalent in the curriculum, forced conversions etc.
Importantly, it was also countersigned by Dr Iqtidar Cheema, the author of the USCIRF report which was also formally handed over at the same time.
USCIRF, which was created by the US Congress and whose commissioners are appointed by the leaders of the House and Senate and the president of the United States, issued a report earlier this month that said all religious minorities in Iran--including Muslim minorities like Sunnis and Sufis--suffer some level of repression.
The USCIRF classifies countries into three categories in its annual report: countries of particular concern (CPC), where systematic, ongoing and egregious violations of freedom of religion are observed; Tier 2 countries, which are on the threshold of CPC status; and other countries and regions monitored, which are kept on close watch by the organization.
USCIRF blamed the law on a coalition of nationalist Buddhist monks known as the Ma Ba Tha.
The report is compiled based on input from USCIRF staff who travelled to Bahrain in December and met officials from the US Embassy, civil society representatives, religious leaders and rights groups.
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