USCMAUnited States Catholic Mission Association
USCMAUnited States Court of Military Appeals
USCMAUniversity of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association
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For information contact: USCMA office, (202) 832-3112.
According to the USCMA, laypeople now make up about 400 of the 5,000-plus -- about 8 percent -- U.
While the lay missioners were in their morning rap session, the USCMA board was meeting next door before the start of its conference.
USCMA executive director, Sister of Notre Dame Margaret Loftus, said there was a chance that next year's conference would focus on lay missioners (see accompanying story).
The effect is ghostly, absurdly technological and dehumanizing, but by the time the conference ended Sunday noon it was clear that the missioners in the USCMA dance to a far different tune.
He will be presented to the USCMA members at their annual Mission Congress, October 13-15, in Tucson, Arizona.
in recognition of [his] many years of service to the missionary community and to USCMA," and to the Overseas Ministries Study Center "in recognition of the Center's years of commitment to Global Mission Studies," which was received by the present editor and director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center.
Copies of the report may be ordered from USCMA, 3029 Fourth Street N.