USCTUnited States Colored Troops
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MH: How does the history of the 102nd USCT live on through today's reenactment group?
Elbert of Company C, 8th Infantry, USCT, was listed in the census as a "day laborer" who served at Hilton Head and saw action at Olustee and Petersburg.
Smith, who leads the 13th USCT Regiment, is the driving force behind the Bradley re-enactment group's Civil War collection.
White assailants reserved their worst violence for perceived community leaders, particularly the families of veterans of the USCT In December 1865, the wife of a black soldier filed a complaint that a white man named Brown had assaulted her.
James Armstrong of the 35th USCT stationed at Walterboro to supervise the contract.
Under the leadership of these soldiers, all of whom received Congressional Medals of Honor for "gallantly and meritoriously" leading their companies after all the company officers had been killed or wounded, the Fifth USCT and the Sixth, Eight, Thirty-sixth and Thirty-eighth regiments, many of whose companies were also led by Black noncommissioned officers, reached, historic heights of courage.
In order to increase the participation of officers thought likely to be less biased against blacks, some courts were composed entirely, or at least in part, by officers assigned to the USCT.
As a sergeant for the USCT wrote in 1865, "what a great change this war is working
Kppner, Memphis, TN, 31 July 1865, Issuances, Box 40, Regimental Books and Papers USCT, 59th USCI, RG 94, NARA [G-217 FSSP].
Contrary to those who argue that white veterans dismissed the African American role after 1877, the paper, which began publication in that year and reached, at its height in the late 1880s and early 1890s, more than 150,000 veterans weekly, ran articles on the USCT as late as the 1920s.
in White, Compiled Service Record; Roster of Commissioned Officers of the 28th Regiment USCT Vols.
Freeman Bowley of the 30th USCT wrote, "We were the last to reach the Crater by way of the traverse, and the rifles of the Union soldiers were flashing in our faces when we jumped down in there.