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USDAWUnion of Shop, Distribution and Allied Workers
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Webhelp's UK chief executive, David Turner, said: "We've worked closely with Usdaw and our employee consultative forums to come up with a plan that would keep the contact centres in Bolton and Aintree operating at the same level as they are now.
Mrs Cox met Usdaw rep and Tesco employee Jonathan Charnock, who said: "Incidents of abuse from customers happen far too often in retail.
Tesco's Middlesbrough distribution centre manager Dave Turner said: "We're proud of our partnership with Usdaw and this learning centre is another indication of our commitment to fostering learning among colleagues.
The meeting heard from two Usdaw members, Barry from Rochdale and Grace from Blackpool, assaulted in the course of their duties as well as other cases from conference delegates attending the event.
We note that Usdaw represents employees at the warehouse and distribution centre and employees in 10 of the 56 stores and the joint administrators are available to engage with Usdaw on all matters affecting their members relating to the administration process.
Usdaw divisional officer for South Wales, Gloucester and the West Country, Nick Ireland, says: "We have used Leo Abse and Cohen as our solicitors for 15 years in Wales, and the opening of a new office in Exeter has made it possible for us to also give the company our work for that region.
Usdaw is also lobbying the Government for stronger measures against people convicted of attacking shop workers.
Usdaw national officer John Gorle said: "We are disgusted with the actions of PricewaterhouseCoopers, who made hundreds of hard-working staff redundant at the drop of a hat, despite the legal requirement they engage in at least 90 days' consultation with staff and their representatives.
John Gorle, Usdaw national officer, said: "We believe there were serious legal breaches by the administrator, Deloitte, who failed to provide the union with essential information and failed to consult in a meaningful way.
UK retail union Usdaw is launching a new website aimed at explaining how pensions work for British shopworkers.
As a result of this, CFS and USDAW met yesterday (13 October 2005) for further talks on the Model and agreed that it is in the best interests of CFS' customers and USDAW's members, to jointly bring this current dispute to a conclusion.
Trade union USDAW say the awards covered 13,500 cases, represented free by their lawyers.