USDGUrban Street Design Guidelines (Charlotte Department of Transportation; North Carolina)
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We believe this site is uniquely positioned to provide our customers with flexible market access to key demand centers both domestic and abroad and we look forward to working closely with Pinto to execute on this tremendous opportunity," said USDG Chief Executive Officer Dan Borgen in a press release.
As part of its activities, PPMG will develop a thought leadership platform for USDG, and grow the awareness for USDG's product and service offerings.
Not surprisingly, most of the top rated academic journals are dominated by authors from USDG institutions.
I am thrilled to join the USDG team and share in this exciting and strategic vision for the future of legalized gaming in the United States," Riahei said.
USDG, which pioneered the hub concept, is actively developing additional terminal locations for rail movements of oil and condensate from major production areas to refining and distribution centers across North America.
Canadian Pacific is pleased to work with USDG and Gibson in providing the capability to move crude to market via rail.
The relationship with USDG is a strategic and forward-thinking move for both of our companies," said Ken Arnold, Chairman of CyberArts.
With full-service capability in technology, financial services, and marketing, USDG partners with traditional gaming operators and governmental agencies.
The team at USDG brings immense experience and first-hand knowledge to the dialogue and, we welcome this joint effort.
We started USDG with the belief that through technology, many of the hurdles that have impeded legalization can be overcome to create a safe and secure online gaming experience," added Richard Baskin, USDG Co-Chairman and Co-Founder.
SJRT is part of a nationwide network of crude oil/condensate facilities being developed by USDG, along with the recently announced Eagle Ford Crude Terminal in Gardendale, Texas, scheduled to open next month.
USDG anticipates that the EFCT will aggregate major industry participants in the Eagle Ford Shale by co-locating inbound gathering pipelines and truck receiving capability, tank storage, and high-capacity rail loading and outbound shipping services, as well as originating outbound pipelines to Corpus Christi and Houston.