USDOCUnited States Department of Commerce
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USDOC, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NWS, Hastings Weather Forecast Office, Hastings, Nebraska, USA.
The USW filed unfair trade cases on May 30, 2014 with the USDOC and the USITC, alleging that certain tires from China had been dumped and subsidized, resulting in injury to the domestic industry and its employees.
The AB ruled, in line with the Panel ruling, with a minor modification and found that the USDOC determination pursuant to Section 1677(7)(G)(iii) is as such inconsistent with Article 15 of the ASCM.
The Fashion Center BID was nominated by the USDOC for its Information Services program, established in 1994, to promote local apparel businesses and increase their competitiveness.
The study was funded in part by USDOC, NMFS the Saltonstall-Kennedy Program grant #A67FD0031 and NA77FD0062 and the state of South Carolina.
Instructions on how to export originate with books from USDOC and SBA, and from the advice of experts in specific fields, such as a former director of California Export Finance office.
As a result, cash deposits were required for shipments at the rates determined by the USDOC effective from a Final Order date of May 22, 2002.
Leena Nair, Chairman, MPEDA had consultations with the USDOC on the subject matter and had meeting with USITC on January 14, 2013.
This official vetting by the USDOC solidifies the reputability of these events to the Brazilian Government and local industry leaders, specifically indicating that business objectives can be met and growth can be achieved while attending.
On January 23, 2010, the USDOC began the first round routine annual review of Chinese BOPET exporters, and Fuwei has been actively responding to this review.
Although Fuwei is not among the USDOC list of mandatory respondents, Fuwei will actively respond to the review because the Company believes it is in full compliance and the US market has strategic significance for the long-term development of the Company.