USDOCUnited States Department of Commerce
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The next major decision occurs about one quarter later when the USDOC makes its preliminary duty determination.
Conquanto, a ausencia de compensacoes por direitos impostos anteriormente e o problema apontado acima sobre a margem para a utilizacao do zeroing continue existindo no texto final do USDOC (CHO, 2012).
Meanwhile, the USITC and the USDOC also ruled in favor of the U.
89) USDOC, Statistical Abstract of the United States: The National Data Book (Washington, DC: Census Bureau, October 2004), p.
The Fashion Center BID was nominated by the USDOC for its Information Services program, established in 1994, to promote local apparel businesses and increase their competitiveness.
In 1995, about the same proportion (87%) of White and Black students graduated from high school (Jaffe, 1998; USDOC, 1996).
2]) uses about 13,000 BF of framing lumber (WPC 1999, USDOC 20 00).
In August 2000, a subsidiary of the USDOC, the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) commenced a proceeding to dispose of the ".
In a bid to acquire the cooperation of these governments in its efforts to control uranium imports, the USDOC subsequently entered into "suspension" agreements that suspended the anti-dumping duties in exchange for a series of price-tied import quotas.
Activities that can be supported with grant dollars under this initiative may include: participation in foreign trade missions, foreign market sales trips, subscription services provided by USDOC, design of international marketing products or campaigns, export trade show exhibits, training workshops or other export initiatives that are in line with the goals of the pilot grant initiative.
small businesses can also advertise their products and services in USDOC publications like Commercial News USA for a modest cost.
Here, both the USDOC and the USITC determined that dumping and injury were likely to continue or recur unless the U.