USDOLUnited States Department of Labor
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USDOL & BLS (2001) Highlights of women's earnings in 2000, U.
USDOL & BLS (2005) Women in the labor force: A databook, US Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, May: Report 985.
Administered by USDOL, SCSEP is the only federal government program mandated to assist unemployed older adults seeking to rejoin the workforce.
In addition, the offenders have an opportunity to obtain a USDOL apprenticeship certificate in various approved vocations.
37), the USDOL, responding to third party comments asserting that it would be burdensome for employers to find information about the same-sex marriage laws in different states, wrote:
AJB is a 20-year-old online labor exchange network, the largest in the nation, developed by the USDOL, together with state employment service offices, to link employers and job seekers.
StaffCV is the only company globally to work with the USDOL to integrate this data into a meaningful environment where people can use it to make recruitment decisions.
With approximately 200,000 companies classified as federal contractors, experts say the new regulations could significantly impact nearly 600,000 people in the disability community that the USDOL estimates could enter the workforce.