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USDPUnified Software Development Process (software design methodology)
USDPUnder Secretary of Defense for Policy
USDPUnzen Scientific Drilling Project (Japan)
USDPUnited Social Democratic Party (political party)
USDPUnited States Distilled Products (Princeton, MN)
USDPUnited States Disclosure Policy
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Incomplete vote counts showed some of the most powerful politicians of the USDP trailing in their bids for parliamentary seats, indicating a heavy loss for the party created by the former junta and led by retired military officers.
While the military ceded nominal political power to civilians, including former officers who retired to join the USDP, it cemented its role in government through the constitution it drafted in 2008.
17, 2012 the USDP held its first party conference in Nay Pyi Taw but made no major change in its reorganization set-up with its top leadership.
The USDP lost all but one of the 45 seats it contested in the vote which swept Suu Kyi and members of her National League for Democracy into parliament.
If confirmed, the sweep would mean the NLD even won four seats in the capital, Naypyitaw, a new city built by the former junta where most of the residents are government employees and military personnel, who were expected to back the USDP, the parliament's dominant party.
15) The latest concession granted to the USDP was the awarding of a license to import 5,000 cars into Myanmar's tightly restricted (and accordingly extraordinarily lucrative) automobile market.
All three are members of the Military-Backed USDP Party, which won a large majority in November's polls.
7 general election that was sharply criticized at home and abroad for irregularities, both the lower and upper houses will be dominated by the USDP.
The USDP is fielding 1,112 candidates for the 1,159 seats in the two-house national parliament and 14 regional parliaments.
The transfer of DTSA to an undersecretary or other DOD office other than USDP
The J-6 will make this recommendation to the USD (AT & L), USDP, USD (C), ASD (NII), DoD Executive Agent for Space, the Military Communications-Electronics Board (MCEB), and the JROC.
It looked like that to the current president, ex-general Thein Sein, because Shwe Mann was openly talking about a possible post-election coalition that would include both his own USDP and Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD).