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USERIDUser Identification
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Applying the postulate PI, we obtain Bank [contains as member] Req, UserID,[Nonce.
The CS keeps track of the association between UserId and AuthId, so that all subsequent NodeIdReq received by the same users receive in response the same AuthId passed earlier, unless it is expired or close to expiration.
We note that LPWA logs the one-way hash value of the UserID and Secret, in order to count users without compromising their anonymity).
Each customer will be assigned a unique USERID and password for accessing their invoice files, and an e-mail notification message will be issued on the date the invoice File is processed and available for pickup.
The userid is the name or identifying number of the user.
By using the special user identification (userid) of "anonymous," the network user will bypass local security checks and have access to publicly accessible files on the remote system without having to establish a userid and password.
Ideally, one Cornell userid should provide access to the Gateway and all other campus computing resources.
Notice that the @ sign separates the USERID from the NODE name.
and wwwpnbindiain 4 Prospective bidders will be provided with Userid & Password which is mandatory for
The association rule mining algorithm is used, which is to first divide UserID in records by several disjoint logical blocks, and each separately considers a block.
The unethical response is to find someone who attended the conference and has a userid and password.
sh log_on_success += USERID log_on_failure += USERID disable = no }