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USESUnited States Employment Service
USESUnited South End Settlements (Boston, MA)
USESUniform System for the Evaluation of Substances (est. 1994)
USESUrbanization and Southeastern Estuarine Systems (research project; est. 1990)
USESUpper Socio-Economic Status
USESUnited States Environmental Services LLC (contracting firm; various locations)
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In such cases he made use of English, broken and imperfect, but sufficiently intelligible, and which he rendered so mild and musical, by his deep, guttural voice, that it never failed to cause both ladies to look up in admiration and astonishment.
To use an obsolete Latin word, I might say, Ex Oriente lux; ex Occidente FRUX.
Why, Tom Sawyer, how you talk," I says; "Jim ain't got no use for a rope ladder.
Your own, one day, my dear, and you will use it well.
And God made two great Lights, great for thir use To Man, the greater to have rule by Day, The less by Night alterne: and made the Starrs, And set them in the Firmament of Heav'n To illuminate the Earth, and rule the Day In thir vicissitude, and rule the Night, And Light from Darkness to divide.
I've the right to make a servant girl for my wife, you know, or a Glass Cat to catch our mice--which she refuses to do--but I am forbidden to work magic for others, or to use it as a profession.
So far, all the uses of words that we have considered can be accounted for on the lines of behaviourism.
The idea as to how I might learn to write was suggested to me by being in Durgin and Bailey's ship-yard, and frequently seeing the ship carpenters, after hewing, and getting a piece of timber ready for use, write on the timber the name of that part of the ship for which it was intended.
I was accustomed to speak of the larder when I lived with papa and mama, and I use the word almost unconsciously.
She will not tell what the ingredients are, but it cures everyone, and there is no use in giving an oculist two guineas for telling us that reading in bed is bad for the eyes, when we know perfectly well that mamma will not give up doing it.
For in sciences which use demonstration there is that which is prior and that which is posterior in order; in geometry, the elements are prior to the propositions; in reading and writing, the letters of the alphabet are prior to the syllables.
But those who have their wives and children in common will not say so, but all will say so, though not as individuals; therefore, to use the word all is evidently a fallacious mode of speech; for this word is sometimes used distributively, and sometimes collectively, on account of its double meaning, and is the cause of inconclusive syllogisms in reasoning.