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USFAUnited States Fire Administration
USFAUnited States Fire Arms
USFAUnited States Fencing Association
USFAUnited Supplement Freedom Association, Inc.
USFAUnited States Fastpitch Association
USFAUS Flight Academy
USFAUnited States Football Association
USFAUnsaturated Fatty Acid
USFAUniversity of Saskatchewan Faculty Association
USFAUnited States Fishing Association
USFAUnited States Floorball Association
USFAUtah Steel Fabricators Association
USFAUnited States Forces in Austria (1945-1955)
USFAUkrainian Society of Financial Analysts
USFAUnited States Fantasy Association
USFAUS Farmers Association
USFAUnited States Food Administration (US government, 1917-1920)
USFAUS Financial Advisors
USFAUnited States Fuel Administration
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USFA began as USPFA in the early 1990's at which time they were importing parts from Uberti and assembling and finishing sixguns in this country.
As of January 2014, according to the USFA, there were 466 brands of e-cigarettes and 7,764 unique flavors available for sale, increasing at a rate of 10.
Their powerful distribution capability, in combination with a selective approach to quality product, is a great fit for USFA," said Mark Roberts, USFA vice president of marketing.
USFA works closely with CPSC on many fire-related issues.
Since its inception in 2012, the USFA has been successful at putting ambitious procurement goals into practice at its six member districts.
2010), B milk contained more total USFA and less total SFA in NL and PL compared to cow's milk and no such differences were observed in FFA.
USFA and its partners said they will use the week of May 6 to 12 to focus public attention on the importance of a collaborative effort with fire and emergency service departments, law enforcement, mental health, social services, schools, and juvenile justice to help reduce the occurrence of juveniles engaged with fire.
Fencing requires ``a certain amount of intelligence,'' said Sherry Posthumus, women's fencing coach at Stanford University and vice president of the USFA.
As an entity of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the mission of the USFA is to reduce the costs in human lives and to avert the economic losses incurred as a result of fires and related emergencies.
44 Specials arrived, a 3-1/2" USFA Double Eagle and the new MG Arms Dragonfly which is a 15-ounce .
He served as an intelligence analyst and translator with the United States Forces in Austria (USFA) and met his wife, Ellena, who also was a USA veteran and employed with USFA.