USFCUnited Sorority and Fraternity Council (San Diego State University; San Diego, CA)
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The chief coach of USFC, Stanley Rosario, also praised the performance of new players.
The five USFC seats in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences went to secular independents, and the three seats in the Olayan School of Business went to March 14 student representatives.
The vice presidency of the USFC, the highest student position in the university, will be voted for on Dec.
7, as the coalition lacked a majority within the USFC.
Capital spending, however, will likely be higher in 2005 and 2006 than the combined spending of the two companies over the past several years, as YELL compensates for inconsistent capital spending at USFC.
28, YELL revised its offer to USFC shareholders on May 2.
For Sheet, the USFC enjoys sufficient prerogatives.
Any such proposal, he continued, is voted on by the USFC, and when it receives the support of two-thirds of the USFC, it is implemented.
Around three months ago, a majority vote at one of the USFC meetings led to the re-launching of the production of class rings, after the idea was proposed by the USFC Vice President, Elias Ghanem.
A separate graduation, the USFC and SRC (Student Representative Committees) were in charge of carrying out the event as planned.
USFC members will be elected by SRC members in each faculty early next month.
The March 14 coalition also managed to maintain an edge in the Faculty of Health Sciences, thus securing another two USFC seats.