USFEUpper Stage Flight Experiment (US Air Force Research Laboratory)
USFEUnited States Futures Exchange (Chicago, IL)
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USFE and ISE have established a multi-year strategic marketing alliance to co-market the new products to their respective membership bases.
USFE will offer new products targeted at buy-side customers such as hedge funds and retail investors, sectors in which Man Group has significant expertise and market exposure.
Man Group plans to reduce its stake in USFE over time to below 50 per cent by inviting other trading institutions, including hedge funds and financial services firms, to join the partnership with an equity position.
We evaluated a number of strategic alternatives for USFE in the context of MF Global's market model and overall growth strategy," said Bernard W.
USFE represented approximately $7 million of expense to MF Global annually, net of tax.
Under the terms of the transaction, Man Group purchased approximately 70 percent of Eurex's shares in USFE for a purchase price of $23.
USFE provides a wide range of futures products for retail and institutional investors with a future emphasis on creating innovative products that will expand the breadth, scope and vitality of the derivatives market.
The board of directors of USFE is made up of 3 independent directors as well as representatives of its three principal shareholders MF Global Ltd.
We commend USFE for recognizing the important role providers of liquidity play in fostering a vibrant futures marketplace, and for taking steps to reward them for their participation," said Aaron Lebovitz of Infinium Capital Management.
We appreciate the innovation at USFE and look forward to trading the product," said Ethan Kahn of Wolverine Trading.
I am confident the listing of the dollar denominated SENSEX contract on USFE will elicit a very positive response from the international investing community," Mr.
USFE was formed in 2006 following Man Group's investment in the former Eurex US.