USFHPUniformed Services Family Health Plan (US DoD)
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Abuzkouk added: Combined with the excellent support from our partners who have previous experience with this program, we are confident that the continuity of operations will be seamless, with a goal to provide superior service to our active duty service members enrolled in the USFHP.
USFHP enrollees are not eligible for benefits through the Tricare Pharmacy Program and must use their USFHP provider for prescription drug coverage.
Each DP requires a separate contract with TRICARE Management Activity to deliver USFHP benefits, creating a unique healthcare delivery environment that calls for the simultaneous management of several sets of distinct and challenging data support requirements.
We are working to make sure that TRICARE Prime enrollees now using Group Health have current information about all their health care options so they will have easy access to a provider as the Group Health contract runs out," says Tita Montero, USFHP Director at PacMed Clinics.