USFJUnited States Forces, Japan
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We are committed to being good neighbors with our host communities and we are thankful for the support we receive from them every day," USFJ said Sunday.
service members in Okinawa led to large-scale protests by the locals and USFJ imposed a (http://www.
Chinese Coast Guard "CCG" ships have repeatedly intruded into Japanese territorial waters at the Senkaku Islands, where the firing and bombing ranges of USFJ are located.
Christopher Michelsen, USFJ director of logistics and installations, regarding the diverse logistics mission of his command as well as specifically detailing bulk fuel capacities and capability in the region, giving both senior leaders a better understanding of the operational footprint.
The JDVC addressed those concerns to the USFJ Surgeon, then worked with the Department of Defense (DoD) Military Working Dog Veterinary Service to determine a dosage and dosing scheme.
Supplemented with additional radiation meters received from AMEDDC&S and USAPHC Veterinary Services, the program provided daily radiological surveillance monitoring of up to 68 different animal and food related facilities and conveyances on 14 different installations for all military service branches within USFJ, with over 7,000 readings as of July 2011.
On 12 March CTF 76 and fourteen staff deployed as Seventh Fleet's maritime response cell (MRC) to USFJ.
Two weeks after configuring and deploying the BladeLogic solution across the infrastructure, USFJ was able to audit and remediate the environment in approximately a day and half, a considerable savings in man hours compared to its previous process.
Evento raro ocorreu quando uma terapeuta ocupacional brasileira, professora e colega de trabalho na USFJ foi convidada para fazer uma fala de fechamento no Congresso Mundial de Terapia Ocupacional (XV Congress of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists), em maio de 2010, no Chile.
During the Operation Tomodachi relief effort, USFJ successfully used a related process named the Joint Requirements Review Board to assess requests brought forward by the MITAM system and to determine whether those requests could be supported based on the joint task force commander's priorities and the resources available.
effort between USCINCPAC, USTRANSCOM, USFJ, USFK, ALCOM and Service