USFPUnion Socialiste des Forces Populaires (Socialist Union of Popular Forces, Morocco)
USFPUS Foreign Policy
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The USFP, which is led by Mehdi ben Barka, won 39 seats out of 395 seats total, while the PJD won 107.
The party, led by Mehdi Ben Barka made the decsion after talks to join a broad government coalition, with Driss Lachgar, a member of the party's political bureau, telling AFP, "The USFP is now part of the opposition, following a decision made Sunday by its national council.
The USFP was again the winner this time, but with only 50 seats out of a total of 325, it will have to take its place in another 'grand coalition'.
The Socialists' USFP party announced late on Saturday that it would join the protest--the first government coalition party to do so.
The Istiqlal party, the USFP (Socialist Union of Popular Forces), and even the PPS (Party of Progress and Socialism, formerly the Moroccan Communist party) actively opposed women on the mudawana issue.
A member of the youth wing of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces ( USFP ) would like to see the Benkirane government heed the unions' requests.
The party is showing a more mature and responsible attitude in its dealings with the ruling Justice and Development Party (PJD), unlike the USFP and Istiqlal, both of which have recently focused their energy on one public squabble with the PJD after another.
Our party should be aligned with the demands of young Moroccans," said Ahmed Zaidi, president of the parliamentary group of the USFP, Agence France Presse reported.
Its domestic repercussions led to the imprisonment of the USFP leader, AbdulRahim Bouabid, who called for a constitutional referendum on the Sahara referendum.
In December 2000, Youssoufi, a respected socialist who won the 1997 legislative elections, ordered the closure of three weekly newspapers for publishing details of a letter in which his USFP party was implicated in a plot to assassinate Hassan in the 1970s.
Members of the opposition (including the Social Union of Popular Forces or USFP and PAM) joined the ranks of Tamarod aiming to weaken the PJD.