USFRUniform System of Financial Records
USFRUtah Society of Fund Raisers (Salt Lake City, UT)
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Still, USFR doesn't claim to represent or romanticize agriculture.
As for what the next 2,000 episodes might bring for USFR, Phipps says, "Like agriculture itself, USFR is being constantly revised by the technological, economic and cultural upheaval in rural America.
Established in 2000, USFR Media Group is the Houston-based media and marketing communications company that publishes Cowboys & Indians and Western & English Today, western lifestyle magazines, and the official publication of the International Polo Club in Palm Beach, Florida.
CONTACT: Joe Leydon of USFR Media Group, +1-713-403-6910, jleydon@usfrmedai.
CONTACT: Preston Bornman of USFR Media Group, +1-713-403-6900, or pbornman@usfrmedia.
America One is a wholly owned subsidiary of USFR Media Group, an integrated media holding company located in Houston, Texas.
Undeniably exclusive, the magazine covers a broad range of lifestyle topics: art, home interiors, travel, fashion and Western film, Cowboys & Indians is owned by USFR Media Group, an integrated media holding company based in Houston, Texas.
House, +1-323-965-0852, or Wendy Wilkinson, +1-719-685-1723, both of Much & House PR, for USFR Media Group
Preston Bornman of USFR Media Group, the parent company of America One added, "Americans will be attracted to the CFL because it is a return to sports the way Americans think they should be played -- by skilled athletes who are playing their hearts out, not for the money, but for the glory.
CONTACT: Preston Bornman of USFR Marketing, +1-713-403-6900 or pbornman@usfarmranch.
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