USFRAUtah Salt Flats Racing Association
USFRAUnited States First Responders Association
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Over the next five years, USFRA will focus on these individuals along with "Super Influencers" active in the food movement including nutritionists, physicians, academics, retail and food service innovators and culinary trendsetters.
In the words of USFRA Chairwoman Nancy Kavazanjian, "As we strive to insert farmer and rancher voices into important conversations about food and agriculture, restaurants and dieticians are ground-zero for our Alliance.
Thus armed with information on how to better spark conversations with consumers about food, USFRA set out to engage them with an interactive dialogue led by America's farmers and ranchers.
Faces of Farming and Ranching: In 2012, USFRA launched the Faces of Farming and Ranching program to put a "real face" on farming and ranching by leveraging the stories of its spokespeople.
Going forward, USFRA will continue to grow and activate this group.
Armed with the knowledge that consumers' perception of agriculture improved after hearing the stories of young farmers and ranchers, USFRA set out to engage a Hollywood producer to direct a documentary about the next generation of farmers and ranchers.
Last year, USFRA had the opportunity to sponsor a panel discussion at The New York Times' "Food for Tomorrow" event.
USFRA has had great success using social media channels.
USFRA also has social channels on YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
The agriculture industry recognizes the need and value of sparking a conversation with young people about today's agriculture; therefore, USFRA is partnering with Discovery Education to develop a FARMLAND curriculum and get the film in front of high school students across the country whether they are in public, private or homeschooled venues.
USFRA is providing engaging farmer and rancher-driven content to the Archive including web and video content, farmer and rancher resources, education, real-time sampling and more.
USFRA has completed its first phase of its sustainability research project where 1,000 Millennial, consumer food connectors and consumers were interviewed.