USFSUnited States Forest Service
USFSU.S. Franchise Systems, Inc.
USFSUnited States Financial Services (banking; International Netherlands Group)
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Mitch Friedman, NWEA executive director, sees the petition as a way of "exposing the soft underbelly of USFS.
Jack Ward Thomas, the former USFS chief, thinks the agency should be open to change, but wonders if the petitioners have considered other aspects of timber sales, such as providing raw material and jobs, meeting biological objectives and stimulating local economies.
USFS is the first hotel company to receive the American Association of Franchisees and Dealers Fair Franchising Seal.
Scene III: Northwest Forestry Association lobbyist Ross Mickey, a defector from 10 years with USFS, emerges from his station wagon at a snow park in the Deschutes National Forest near Sisters, Oregon.
The USFS was founded in 1905 to manage the national forests set up under outdoor enthusiast Theodore Roosevelt.
The response from an outraged public put USFS into the firefighting business in a big way and launched the career of Smokey the Bear, whose "Only you can prevent forest fires" became one of the most successful advertising slogans in American history.
Marc Evans, Greenpeace's forest campaigner and a former USFS fire fighter, says, "We agree that there needs to be some sort of selective logging to decrease fire load.
In a dramatic move, it then announced that it would no longer bid on USFS timber sales.
Loggers who'd never heard of the endangered spotted owl had to take a crash course after 1991, when federal judge William Dwyer ruled that Northwest timber sales had to stop until USFS could demonstrate that its logging plan wouldn't wipe them out.
USFS estimates that domestic demand for wood fiber (including paper) will grow 50 percent by 2020.
We are continuing to see strong user acceptance for the RFP Express(SM) service driven by five core user groups corporate users, travel management companies (travel agencies), property managers such as USFS, property chains such as Adam's Mark Hotels, and individual hotels and motels wanting to reduce costs and improve operations," said Robert Steiner, EVP Marketing for IXATA.
Franchise Systems is a Nasdaq company and trades under the symbol USFS.