USFSAUnion des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques (French: Union of French Societies of Athletic Sports)
USFSAUS Figure Skating Association (Colorado Springs, CO)
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7) The USFSA is the non-governmental body which selects figure skaters to represent the Unites States on behalf of the United States Olympic Committee.
Weaver stated that Harding was disappointed, but not surprised that the USFSA found her guilty because she did not appear to defend herself.
That fee was dropped a few years ago, but it should be noted that USFSA was then several years into a long-term $100 million contract with ABC for TV rights.
The next TV contract may well be much less remunerative and the USFSA could, once again, think about charging the foundation for the services it provides to it.
Commenting on the agreement with Heinz, USFSA President Phyllis Howard said, "The USFSA welcomes Smart Ones to our team of world-class sponsors.
Formed in 1921, the USFSA is the national governing body for the sport of figure skating.
This is the event where they really find out whether they are going to last long-term in figure skating,'' said Christy Krall, senior director of athlete programs for the USFSA.
in Physical Education as well as numerous certifications including USA Gymnastics Professional Level II Coach and National Safety Certification Club Instructor, USFSA Biomechanics Coach, College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Instructor, and Lecturer to the National Coaching Foundation.
His closest USFSA competition venue, however, is in the Portland area.
Goldwater said a presentation was made to the USFSA in August and it was successful in convincing them about the arena.
The weekend event was the last open club competition, giving area skaters a chance to try out their skating routines for USFSA judges before heading to next month's regional championships in Anaheim.
An hour later, that achievement was no more as the USFSA announced it would not recognize the quad after a review of slow-motion replay.