USFSBUnited States Federation of Small Businesses
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Our continued partnership with the USFSB allows us to hear directly from their small business members and enables us to better serve them during this time.
DYMO has been a proud partner of the USFSB for three years, enabling its members to work more productively through new technology designed for SMBs.
USFSB was founded in 1983, by small business owners, in order to advocate for the rights and interests of small businesses and the self-employed.
Heartland is proud to be a partner with USFSB and its members.
USFSB members will benefit from this relationship through value-added programs to help them better serve their customers, manage their businesses more effectively, and save money by taking advantage of special membership rates.
USFSB is an association of successful small business owners who are striving to grow their business, minimize costs, and build the small business economy in their communities," said Joe Cardamone, president of USFSB.
Michael Park, the President of 4net Software stated, "With this preferred marketing agreement in place 4net Software will be able to market its cost-effective Internet solutions for small and mid-sized businesses to the 100,000 members of USFSB and hopefully generate significant sales and licensing revenues.
4net Software has demonstrated that it can provide small businesses with an Internet friendly tool they need to compete in today's marketplace," said Michael Kinney, Vice President of Marketing for the USFSB.
net will immediately begin to roll out its comprehensive offering of broadband Internet services to over 12,000 USFSB member businesses across the country.
High-speed Internet access allows small businesses to leverage the power of the Internet to sell their products or services, and provides them with the tools they need to compete in the marketplace," said Joseph Cardamone, president of the USFSB.