USFWUnited States Fish and Wildlife Service
USFWUnited Society of Friends Women (est. 1881; Whittier, CA)
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NL I V (1) Authority: Gleason and Cronquist 1991 (2) Wetland Indicator status from Reed 1998; USFW 1996: OBL = Obligate, FACW = Facultative Wetland (67%-99% probability occurrence in wetlands), FAC = Facultative (35-66% probability occurrence in wetlands), FACU = Facultative Upland (1-33% probability occurrence in wetlands), UPL = Obligate Upland species, NL = No listing.
The lab suggests that you contact your state office of USFW, which conducts investigative and covert operations to follow up on leads.
The slice of the USFW budget that we get is only 2.
The contraband traffic in wild animals and wild animal parts is increasing rapidly, and the USFW lab is one of the few serious buffers helping to control it.
Unlike Oregon, who has chosen to remove beach vegetation to create habitat for Plovers, the USFW has ignored that creative approach in favor of shrinking the tiny park.
It's time for the Bush administration to investigate why USFW chooses to ignore the option of developing Plover habitat in the adjacent 13 miles of wildlife refuge versus continuing to fence the public out of a state legislated recreational park," said Jim Suty, President of Friends of Oceano Dunes.
Rather than applaud the phenomenal success at the park, one of the best in the state, a few radicals in the USFW have decided to make the RV camping area an experimental laboratory.