USGAUnited States Golf Association
USGAUhren & Schmuck Gassner (Germany)
USGAUndergraduate Student Government Association
USGAUS Global Nanospace Inc. (stock symbol)
USGAUniversity System of Georgia
USGAUniversity Student Government Association
USGAUrsinus Student Government Association (Pennsylvania)
USGAUnited States Gymnastics Association
USGAUndergraduate Student Goverment Association
USGAUnited States Graduates Association
USGAultrasonic gas atomization
USGAUnited States General Assembly
USGAUltimate Soldiers Gaming Association
USGAUganda Safari Guides Association
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Every tournament will have at least one official assigned to monitor the broadcast to help with any judgments, said Thomas Pagel, the USGA senior director of rules.
Deloitte's consulting practice has collaborated with the USGA since 2014, developing actionable strategies to strengthen the golf ecosystem and shape customer experience.
But the USGA said that I did so with the rule, I don't even understand the rule, I got a penalty.
The USGA have previously been accused of 'tricking up' golf courses.
The USGA also announced Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, in Pinehurst, N.
The feature is being established in what will be a ongoing section dedicated to the USGA.
I stand behind the decision of the R&A and USGA.
The relationship between the R&A and USGA is at an all-time high.
A European Tour statement said: "The European Tour has confirmed its support for the R&A and the USGA and their proposal for rule 14-1b - the prohibition of anchoring any club when making a stroke under the Rules of Golf.
It makes for great television drama when the hunt is on for a buried golf ball, but that doesn't test a player's true mettle, and that's not what USGA officials say they want at Torrey Pines.
Lee became the third native Arkansan to win a USGA title in the organization's 113-year history.
The first and only nationally networked, database-driven USGA handicap service, designed to enhance the enjoyment and participation of the game for all golfers, has been unveiled by GOLF Intelligence, Inc.