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Historically, industrial gas demand in North America, and in particular in the USGC, has been an anchor of the natural gas market.
USGC officers visited Cuba in January 2006 to foster relationships with Alimport and identify areas where technical support is needed, such as in formulating livestock rations.
This would be a significant quantity for marketing DDGS", commented USGC Regional Director in Southeast Asia Adel Yusupov.
The USGC Petrochemicals Project is Expected to commence construction in early 2014 and create Approximately 400 long-term direct jobs and 10,000 engineering and construction.
Industry average prices for ethylene fell 18% due to lower average feedstock costs in the USGC region.
Despite a moderate decline in Alberta feedstock costs, selling prices fell further, driven by a precipitous decline in USGC feedstock costs.
Bryan Lohmar, USGC director of China, said China's sophisticated feed industry has the capacity to explore different feed ingredients and evaluate their effectiveness in a highly competitive environment.
Dry Freight -- Capesize Timecharter (Baltic) Freight Swap (TCC) -- Panamax Timecharter (Baltic) Freight Swap (TCP) -- Supramax Timecharter (Baltic) Freight Swap (TCS) -- Handysize Timecharter (Baltic) Freight Swap (TCH) Wet Freight -- TC2 FFA - Northwest Europe to USAC (Baltic) Swap (WNU) -- TC4 FFA - Singapore to Japan (Platts) Swap (WSJ) -- TC5 FFA - Mideast Gulf to Japan (Platts) Swap (WMJ) -- TC6 FFA - Skikda to Lavera (Cross Med) (Baltic) Swap (WSL) -- TD3 FFA - Mideast Gulf to Japan (Baltic) Swap (WGJ) -- TD5 FFA - West Africa to USAC (Baltic) Swap (WAU) -- TD7 FFA - UK North Sea to Continent (Baltic) Swap (WNC) -- TD11 FFA - Cross Mediterranean (Baltic) Swap (WCM) -- TD9 FFA - Caribbean to USGC (Baltic) Swap (WCU) Iron Ore -- Iron Ore Swap 62% Fe (Platts IODEX) Swap (IOR)
In comparison, average USGC ethane prices were 4% higher in the third quarter, driven by strong demand and low inventories through August.
Other key Canadian, USGC and international crude oil prices are provided as reference.
Brent 1st Line Swap (EOB) -- Platts 3% Fuel Oil USGC vs.
Outages at USGC ethylene plants early in the second quarter temporarily reduced ethane consumption and caused prices to soften.