USGEOUnited States Group on Earth Observations
USGEOUS Geospatial, LLC (est. 2010; Ohio)
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Recommendation: In order to effectively address our country's need for sustained environmental observations, the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, in collaboration with key Executive Office of the President entities (including the Office of Science and Technology Policy, the Office of Management and Budget, the Council on Environmental Quality, and the National Science and Technology Council), should direct USGEO to establish an interagency strategy to address the longterm provision of environmental observations from satellites that includes costs and schedules for the satellites, as well as a plan for the relevant agencies' future budgets.
The USGEO recently drafted a 10-year strategic plan for applying Earth observations to health and environmental research, which was released by the White House on 6 April 2005.
Group on Earth Observations (USGEO) and led the USGEO assessment and planning of research and observational needs for quantifying environmental services and improving resource management.