USGIFUnited States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation
USGIFUS Global Investors Funds (San Antonio, TX)
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These USGIF Members came to the Foundation with the idea for a working group to further promote the tradecraft and educate the GEOINT Community on the wide range of capabilities SAR provides.
USGIF accreditation, offered by institutions of higher education, will complement a college degree, support career development and provide professional recognition.
Taking 12 months to revamp, the USGIF corporate web portal incurred an increase in visitors and web traffic due to its new capabilities for USGIF members and the GEOINT Community such as job listings, videos and news.
The USGIF Awards Program annually recognizes the exceptional work of the geospatial intelligence tradecraft's brightest minds.
Dangermond on using and even advancing the capabilities of ArcInfo," said USGIF CEO and Chairman, Stu Shea.
Thanks to the generous support of our membership, the scholarship program continues to gain momentum and give promising students the opportunity to advance their education," said USGIF President Keith J.
Several students achieving academic excellence were given awards ranging from $250 to $1,000 by USGIF for the completion of their programs.
Unlike many other fields, the geospatial intelligence industry continues to rapidly expand," said USGIF President Keith Masback.
Events included in this year's GEOINT Community Week were the USGIF Invitational, Army Geospatial and Imagery Conference (AGIC), Tech Days and a Motion Imagery Workshop.
USGIF is excited to announce that the GEOINT 2010 Symposium will be held at the Ernest N.
WASHINGTON -- USGIF, NOAA and the Department of Commerce brought together business and government leaders from around the globe for the 2010 International Commercial Remote Sensing Symposium (ICRSS), which took place March 3 - 5.
These three individuals, each with equally impressive and unique professional backgrounds, will bolster the activities of the board and help lead USGIF as the preeminent organization for the GEOINT Community," said USGIF CEO and Chairman of the Board Stu Shea.