USGLCUnited States Global Leadership Campaign
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With generous support from Carlson, The Coca-Cola Company, Land O'Lakes, and PYXERA Global, the USGLC will continue to showcase the impact America's most forward-thinking businesses and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are having as they work with the federal government to do well by doing good.
8) General Colin Powell, USGLC press release on International Affairs Budget (February 26, 2009), www.
The event was organized by the USGLC in collaboration with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Regional Partnership, International House, the North Carolina Technology Association, and the World Affairs Council of Charlotte.
The USGLC will host a luncheon event with Senator Bob Corker , ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in Nashville on August 22[sup.
Known as the "coalition of strange bedfellows," the USGLC brings together corporations and non-governmental organizations from Caterpillar to CARE, Walmart to World Vision, and the U.
A complete list of the USGLC Advisory Council can be found here.
During the 2012 election cycle, USGLC will create programs, events and tools - including the "Candidates Corner" featured on the USGLC's website, which tracks presidential contenders' foreign policy positions - to generate dialogue around America's global leadership.
America's engagement with the world is more critical than ever to our national and economic security," said USGLC Executive Director Liz Schrayer.
Having participated in several Quadrennial Defense Reviews, I believe the discussions and interactions between the major policy makers and leaders were critical in helping to develop a common outlook and way forward," said USGLC National Security Advisory Council Co-Chair General Michael Hagee, USMC (Ret.
The QDDR lays out a coordinated plan to meet the global challenges we face as a nation in the 21st century," says USGLC Board Member Ambassador Mark Green.
The QDDR seeks to bring smart business practices that have been successful in the private sector to government," said Bill Lane, USGLC Co-President, and Washington Director of Caterpillar.
What happens in one country's economy today affects the global economy," said Bill Lane, USGLC Co-President, and Washington Director of Caterpillar.