USHCUnited Seniors Health Cooperative
USHCUnited Seniors Health Council
USHCUnited States Housing Corporation
USHCUtrechtse Studenten Hockey Club (Dutch: Utrecht Student Hockey Club; est. 1971; Utrecht, Netherlands)
USHCUS Health Club
USHCUS Headache Consortium
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By acquiring USHC, AHC establishes a presence in the southeast, where its Advanced Clinical Networks Corporation subsidiary will now offer physician practice and network management services, including state-of-the-art clinical information systems developed by AHC's other subsidiary, Med-E-Systems Corporation.
Joining forces with Advanced Health gives us enhanced expertise and additional services to provide to our clientele in the Atlanta area," said Deborah Ann Smith, former principal of USHC and now a senior vice president of Advanced Clinical Networks Corporation.
On Sunday Whitchurch were comfortable 5-1 winners against USHC Plymouth.
But USHC, taking refuge under ERISA, sought to avoid the state claims.
USHC therefore sought to move the case from the Pennsylvania courts to the federal, where the Kampmeiers could only have argued that they were denied a benefit to which their health plan entitled them (the ultrasound), but not sought damages for the injury to their daughter.
Our GI group, USHC GI has enjoyed a great partnership with Barry Tanner and his team since 2006.
But "David" lost the business to the substantially larger "Goliath", they said, when USHC retaliated by threatening to cut the pharmacy chain off from the constant flow of customers with USHC prescription plans.
With a lap-top and a wireless Internet connection, I can write new business virtually anywhere," said Bob Warner, a USHC agent from Colorado.
USHC also houses a diagnostic imaging center, a clinical laboratory, an ambulatory surgery center, physical therapy and sports medicine services, specialized laboratories for audiological and vestibular testing, and an education center that includes a medical reference library.
Healthcare ("USHC") for services to be delivered through DTCA's existing hospital-based treatment centers in locations where USHC has a market presence.
Healthcare ("USHC") to provide outpatient services to USHC enrollees with diabetes, including patient assessment and patient stratification based on the scope and intensity of needed services, as well as educational, behavioral and motivational support and outcomes tracking and reporting.