USHCUnited Seniors Health Cooperative
USHCUnited Seniors Health Council
USHCUnited States Housing Corporation
USHCUtrechtse Studenten Hockey Club (Dutch: Utrecht Student Hockey Club; est. 1971; Utrecht, Netherlands)
USHCUS Health Club
USHCUS Headache Consortium
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On Sunday Whitchurch were comfortable 5-1 winners against USHC Plymouth.
The USHC issued a consensus recommendation that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and over-the-counter analgesics be considered first-line treatments, especially for mild migraine headaches, and that migraine-specific agents be used for patients with more severe episodes.
Because of concerns relating to dependence, withdrawal, and rebound headache, the USHC recommends that use of these agents "should be limited and carefully monitored" (LOE: D).
The USHC recommends that preventive treatment be considered for patients with migraine who desire a reduction in the frequency or severity of their headaches for any reason, including but not limited to frequent headaches that significantly interfere with daily activities despite acute treatment, unpleasant side effects associated with abortive medications, or the cost of abortive medications (LOE: D).
But USHC, taking refuge under ERISA, sought to avoid the state claims.
USHC therefore sought to move the case from the Pennsylvania courts to the federal, where the Kampmeiers could only have argued that they were denied a benefit to which their health plan entitled them (the ultrasound), but not sought damages for the injury to their daughter.
But "David" lost the business to the substantially larger "Goliath", they said, when USHC retaliated by threatening to cut the pharmacy chain off from the constant flow of customers with USHC prescription plans.
Evidence showed that USHC put a freeze on giving any new plan members to Gary's while it investigated its high percentage of non-generic drug sales.
Healthcare ("USHC") for services to be delivered through DTCA's existing hospital-based treatment centers in locations where USHC has a market presence.
Healthcare ("USHC") to provide outpatient services to USHC enrollees with diabetes, including patient assessment and patient stratification based on the scope and intensity of needed services, as well as educational, behavioral and motivational support and outcomes tracking and reporting.
The former USHC has approximately 600 physicians under network management and consulting contracts, through which it helps manage networks of physicians to support them in negotiating and managing profitable contracts with health plans.
By acquiring USHC, AHC establishes a presence in the southeast, where its Advanced Clinical Networks Corporation subsidiary will now offer physician practice and network management services, including state-of-the-art clinical information systems developed by AHC's other subsidiary, Med-E-Systems Corporation.