USIBUnited States Intelligence Board
USIBUpper Similkameen Indian Band (Keremeos, BC, Canada)
USIBUniversal Storage Interface Bus (Addonics)
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34) Although the majority opinion of the USIB as expressed in the main body of the intelligence estimate echoed Eisenhower's own beliefs, the Air Force's opposing point of view soon moved from the footnotes of a classified government report to the front pages and headlines of the nation's leading newspapers.
Institutional Businesses -- USIB reported solid pretax results of $176.
The 9-in-1 Cipher UDD (CUDD9SA128) with 128 bit encryption, comes with bundled with the Addonics 4-in-1 CUDD DigiAdapter, the CF DigiAdapter, and eSATA USIB interface cable, has a list price of $175.
The Storage Tower (Model ST5ESA1US) has a back panel with one USIB and five eSATA (the latest external SATA standard) connectors.
On the insurance brokerage end, USIB has been accepting insurance applications in the fourth quarter and is expected to contribute substantial revenues during fiscal year 1998.
The Saturn ExDrive enclosure is designed with Addonics USIB connector to enable either SATA or IDE hard drives to connect to various interfaces by attaching different USIB interface cables.
The Addonics USIB Interface cables designed for the Cartridge Cradle can also be used to connect the Drive Cartridge directly to the computer.