USIOUnited States Implementing Organization (part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, an international research program)
USIOUS Industrial Outlook (publication; US DOC; now World Trade Outlook)
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We have appointed people who are experts in their fields, and who will be great assets to our USIO senior leadership team," said Zuraitis.
Klingel was president of the USIO Central Region, based in Chicago.
Dennis Crosby, 43, has been named senior vice president of USIO field operations with responsibility for the Eastern U.
Bruce Berthelsen, 51, has been appointed senior vice president of USIO field operations with responsibility for the Western U.
Lou Snage, 53, succeeds Dennis Crosby as USIO president for the Southeast Region, based in Atlanta.
Jack Roche, 38, moves to Chicago to succeed Stephen Klingel as USIO president for the Central Region.
Stamford also holds options to purchase an additional 20 percent of USIO at prices ranging from US$0.
USIO, based in Seattle, Washington, is engaged in advanced research and development in nanophotonics, the science of light waves at the subatomic level (one nanometer is one-millionth of a millimeter).
The research and marketing agreements with Northwestern University give USIO the exclusive worldwide rights to the technology, which is expected to revolutionize applications in optical communications and data storage.
The Company has already purchased 297,301 shares of USIO for US$220,000 with US$1,800,000 due on October 21, 1996, US$500,000 due on March 1, 1997, US $1,000,000 due on August 15, 1997, US$700,000 due on December 1, 1997, and the balance of US$2,180,000 due by June 1999.