USISPAUnited States Internet Service Providers Association (Washington, DC)
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We urge them, under Chairman Powell's renewed spirit of enforcement and commitment to American consumers, to heed the lessons of Computer III and the 1996 Act, and finally open the local network to competition" said David Robertson, Chairman of the USISPA Advisory Board.
Understanding present market conditions, USISPA understands that there will be no one-size-fits-all solution, and recommended that the Commission consider a menu of options, including: competitively neutral access, structural separation, Section 251 enforcements and federalized broadband provisioning rules.
As leaders in bringing Internet access and services to consumers all over the country, USISPA very much looks forward to working with Chairman Powell and the Commission in this most important endeavor" continued Roberston.
USISPA is sponsored by the Commercial Internet eXchange Association (CIX).
Controlling the local network allows the BOCs to suppress competition," noted Sue Ashdown, spokesperson for the USISPA.
The USISPA was formed in January 2002 by several large ISPs, including AOL, Verizon, and Earthlink, to focus on issues of significance to large service providers, including obligations relating to domestic and international law enforcement initiatives.
Further, although the USISPA is allied formally with the European Internet Service Providers Association ("EuroISPA"), an umbrella group of ISP associations ("ISPAs") from throughout the EU, it would not appear that participation in the alliance requires any particular form of content regulation by USISPA members.
There appears to be no internal mechanism for enforcing USISPA member compliance with its broad statements about content regulation.
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