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USITCUnited States International Trade Commission (US Federal agency)
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provided the USITC with additional remedies for dealing with unfair
The USITC is empowered to investigate on injury and causality between injury and imports, and based on the USITC's negative determinations that imports are not causing or threatening to cause injury to the US producers, the investigations have been terminated.
Recommendation: The USITC IG should prepare a staffing analysis to determine the level of budget and staff resources needed to conduct the audits identified in audit plans, including audits required by statutes; audits of management challenges identified by the IG; and performance audits of economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of USITC's programs, offices, and activities.
By separating the injury determination into two separate questions, the presence of injury and the causation of injury, the bifurcated approach is similar to the sort of inquiry that the USITC conducts in its safeguards investigations.
brought a third case to the USITC, under Section 22 of the 1933 U.
consumer benefit per household due to trade liberalization since 1992 ($1,229), especially considering that the Frankel and Romer range is in 1996 dollars, whereas the USITC estimates are in 2002 dollars and the GDP deflator increased by about 6.
The industry organization dummy (I) takes a value of one if any comments received by the USITC are opposed to granting or maintaining eligibility, and a value of zero otherwise.
The procedure for a Section 337 case differs from both traditional court litigation and USITC antidumping cases.
965 billion to the US, while USITC figures for the same period show imports from Central America to have been US$10.
In the summer of 1993, the USITC ruled that steel producers in 19 countries had dumped their products in the U.
In September 2013 Apex requested the USITC to declare that Apex's newly designed sleep-disorder breathing treatment products are not covered by the claims of seven ResMed patents that were raised in an earlier Section 337 investigation.
7 million metric tons, accounting for 84% of global copper demand growth between 2011 and 2014, said the USITC report.