USKHUnwin Scheben Korynta Huettl (architecture firm; Fairbanks, AK)
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The purchase forwards Stantec's strategy of building a strong presence in the United States, while augmenting the services USKH was already providing here, company officials say.
The leaders of USKH and the leaders of Stantec liked each other, which was an important first step.
Stantec's goal is to augment the services USKH was already providing.
The combined company will likely be able to perform more pipeline work and more engineering in Alaska than USKH was doing before.
The offices tend to be mid-sized, often not much larger than the USKH Anchorage office where about one hundred employees worked.
Tim Yig, former CEO and president of USKH for seven years and current senior principal at Stantec, says he met Bob Gomes, president of Stantec, at a conference four years ago.
But as the companies learned more about each other, selling USKH seemed a logical choice.
The acquisition of USKH, combined with Stantec's intended acquisition of Dallas, Texas-based SHW Group, announced in May, represents the addition of more than 400 people to the firm's US operations.
Limb has been with USKH for more than thirteen years, is an associate, and serves on the board of directors.
She has been with USKH since 1997, is an associate and a graduate of UAA.
She started with USKH as a temporary administrative assistant in 2004.