USLDUnité de Soins Longue Durée
USLDUS Long Distance
USLDUnion Sportive Loire Divatte (French soccer club; est. 1995; La Chapelle-Basse-Mer, France)
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Prior to that, he was senior vice president and chief financial officer of USLD.
They built USLD into a leading company in the fast-growth, intensely competitive long distance industry in circumstances nearly identical to ours today.
Further, Qwest, LCI nor USLD have produced any documentation providing authority to bill the consumers in question.
It was also discovered that MultiMedia, a company apparently solely owned by Garey, was indebted to USLD for over $2,000,000.
technical assistance with project management for the construction of a nursing home and a USLD.
USLD has entered into an agreement with GTE to provide repair and refund services (211) for GTE pay telephones nationwide.
AAT recently began exploring national Carrier Identification Code (CIC) translations with USLD (Nasdaq:USLD).
This action completes the separation of USLD and BIC, its former wholly owned subsidiary, that began with the distribution of all of the common stock of BIC to the stockholders of USLD in August 1996.
The Hospital intends to rebuild the institution bringing together all of the health activity and nursing homes on a new unique building with a capacity of 45 beds Medicine / SSR, 163 nursing home beds and 30 beds in USLD to build.
We anticipate that this segment of our business will provide USLD with a competitive edge to penetrate the local market.