USLPUnited States Libertarian Party
USLPUndergraduate Site Learning Program (University of Queensland; Australia)
USLPUnited States Labor Party
USLPUniversity Student Launch Program (US NASA; various universities)
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BP plan to have USLP in all garages by the New Year and Texaco will follow suit by the end of 2001.
Esso sells USLD at all, and USLP at most, of its sites.
In 2014, Unilever built the competition on the platform of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) to create awareness and also provide students with a chance to contribute to the USLP.
In addition to its market successes, since the debut of the USLP in November 2010, Unilever has launched several sustainability program initiatives, including a partnership with Recyclebank, an online platform that rewards people for taking everyday green actions with discounts and deals from local and national businesses.
Hence our actions can make a big difference and through USLP we intend to focus on three big goals.
The DynaStar 100E is shipping and available immediately with prices starting at $3,995 USLP.
The USLP, Unilever says, aligns with the company's purpose of making "sustainable living commonplace.