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USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USMCUncle Sam's Misguided Children
USMCUnited Shoe Machinery Corporation
USMCUnited States Manufacturing Corporation (Rutledge, TN)
USMCUnited States Marine Commission (World War II era merchant control body)
USMCUterine Smooth Muscle Cell
USMCUS Monster Club (car club; France)
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In this study we show that, to prevent excess purchase of supplies and equipment, and to realize significant organizational savings that might release funds to be used in other critical areas, the USMC should expand use of DDS inventory to meet its current and anticipated requirements.
TBMCS facilitates distributed battle management, which means that the joint community, together with the USMC, navy, army and air force, can all contribute to the management of the air campaign.
The USMC team will undergo extensive blood testing and monitoring to determine their lactate threshold and targeted training zones will be developed for each member of the team to maximize their individual performance.
The $18m contract involves maintaining USMCs battle command system, which manages and supervises airborne platforms such as fighters, bombers, tankers, unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters.
The USMC Extreme Cold Weather System (ECWS) is currently used by thousands of U.
The partnership is seen as a cost-cutting measure for the USMC and a revenue generator for NHTI.
This methodology, which was adopted by the USMC, is now being used to evaluate U.
and USMC BIC spent several days to meticulously plan the documenting, staging, uploading, and stowing of the commercial vessels.
I am a qualified JTAC who has been assigned to a USMC rifle battalion as a ground forward air controller (FAC) and division air officer.
To establish this client relationship, however, the Streeters required USMC to capture loan officers' calls with customers, a capability the mortgage company lacked.
Questions and discussions in these interviews focused on the training, preparation, and development of FBI supervisory special agents (SSAs), FBI agent mid-level managers, and field-grade USMC officers.
Potent notables like Tom "Wally" Inouye, Danny Fuenzalida and Lizard King plowed through 38 bottles of high-buck bubbly until the USMC trained security cops kicked it up a notch.