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USMLUnited States Munitions List (22 CFR 121)
USMLUnited States Microgravity Laboratory
USMLUDDI Search Markup Language
USMLUttam Sugar Mills Ltd. (India)
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Software used for security, assurance systems or cryptographic devices with the following capabilities is controlled under the ITAR because it is listed as a defense article under USML category XIII (materials and miscellaneous articles):
The DDTC final rule amends the International Traffic in Arms Regulations with respect to USML categories VIII (aircraft and related articles), XVII (classified articles, technical data and defense services not otherwise enumerated), and XXI (articles, technical data and defense services not otherwise enumerated).
Managed by the Department of State under the Office of the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), ITAR uses the USML to determine if an article or service is deemed defense-related through the following criteria (Department of State, 2011a):
149) Categories restricted from transfer under FEPP include computers, defense articles on the USML, (150) and items on the Commerce Control List.
As originally enacted, the AECA imposed licensing and registration requirements only on individuals engaged in the business of manufacturing, exporting, or importing USML articles and services; however, Congress expanded the category in 1996 to include persons engaged in the business of brokering activities with respect to the manufacture, export, import, or transfer of USML articles and services, defining "brokering activities" as "the financing, transportation, freight forwarding, or taking of any other action that facilitates the manufacture, export, or import of a defense article or defense service" (22 U.
authorization, the export of USML items with certain exceptions to both countries for combined military counter-terrorism operations, joint research, development and production projects that are mutually agreed and items for U.
XIII(b)(i)-(ix), repealed by Removal of Commercial Communications Satellites and Hot Section Technology from State's USML for Transfer to Commerce's CCL, 61 Fed.
The ITAR prescribes a "commodity jurisdiction procedure" by which the ODTC determines if an article is covered by the USML when doubt exists.
The USML proposal would authorize certain unlicensed export to: a group of 37 allied and partner countries of most items on the CCL; and a larger group of countries of less sensitive, basic items for civil end uses.
possible for items to be removed from the USML if they are predominantly
The USML implements the MTCR through its inclusion of all