USNHUniversity System of New Hampshire (Lee, NH)
USNHUnitarian Society of New Haven (New Haven, CT)
USNHUnited States Naval Hospital
USNHUnited States Naval Home
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This firm's work with the Planning Committee's design team produced plans that were presented to the campus community and USNH trustees in May 2007 The plans called for KSC to raze the three contiguous buildings closest to the roundabout on the east side of Main Street in order to construct the alumni center (figures 2 and 3).
Representatives of USNH presented to the Senate Finance Committee on April 15 requesting $205 million for the biennium, which would allow another two-year freeze for in-state tuition and restore funding to 2009 levels.
Description University of New Hampshire Information Technology (UNH IT) on behalf of The University System of New Hampshire (hereafter referred to as USNH or Owner), in collaboration with The University of Maine System (hereafter referred to as UMS), is requesting proposals from qualified suppliers for the following:
In 2012, USNH and CCSNH committed to doubling the number of STEM graduates by 2025, and expanding statewide STEM education and opportunities.
8 mgd water treatment facility meeting all of the requirements and conditions as set forth in the Owners Program Documents, the USNH form of agreement, and this RFQ/P document.
He was participating in the preparation of an oral history, of his experiences working at UNH and USNH.
1 Provide basic design services as delineated in the USNH Standard Form of Agreement for Professional Planning and Design Services and all related appendices, including schematic design, submission and cost estimate; design development and submission; construction documents, plans and specifications, construction administration services and as-built drawings.
This represents time that these USNH professors are not in classrooms or labs, teaching our students, yet they add to the ever-growing cost of higher education, which is rapidly becoming more unaffordable each year.
Unimarket eSource-USNH Web-Based Bidding Tool USNH has implemented a new web-based bidding tool, eSource, hosted by Unimarket.
The USNH money is a result of what was at the time the bureau's biggest settlement to date --a $5 million consent in October 2002 against Tyco International, when the conglomerate was based in Exeter.
The price of attendance at USNH institutions is far higher than it should be.