USNOUnited States Naval Observatory
USNOUnited Sabah National Organization (Malaysia)
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The signing of this Memorandum of Understanding ensures alignment and coordination between USNO and NIST and, perhaps most importantly, provides formal traceability between UTC(USNO) and UTC(NIST).
Thomas O'Brian, Chief of the NIST Time and Frequency Division, added "The long and successful history of coordination and collaboration between USNO and NIST continues to broadly benefit the nation.
Naval Observatory for 35 years, reaching the level of Director of Astrometry at USNO.
On 23rd April 1975, Tun Mustapha presented to a meeting of USNO a paper, entitled "The Future Position of Sabah in Malaysia," which canvassed the possibility of Sabah seceding from the Malaysian Federation.
Instead, however, Tun Mustapha, leader of the minority USNO party, made an extraordinary predawn bid to have himself sworn in as Chief Minister by the state governor.
Q: Does the GPS and time data that the USNO provides interface with the Navy navigation system?
Q: So any Navy system that uses GPS and time data, for example, combat systems and Navy networks, rely on data provided by USNO, and it doesn't matter which vendor developed it or what system it is?
NRL works hand-in-hand with PEO Space Systems, the program manager, and USNO, the principal investigator.
377 to determine V magnitudes (using the CMC-14 catalogue) and positions (using the USNO B1.
0 catalogue using Kidger's formulae (5) to convert from USNO B and R magnitudes to Landolt V and B-V Given the blue colour of the object, we selected 5 stars which had B-V values between 0.
at/) is a very popular piece of software used to carry out astrometry of asteroids and comets, but the photometry it yields when based on catalogues such as the USNO B1.