USNRCUnited States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
USNRCUS Naval Reserve Corps
USNRCUnited States National Ramsar Committee
USNRCUS National Research Council
USNRCUnited States Normal Retail Channel
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In response to the incident at Fukushima Daiichi, the USNRC commissioned a task force to reevaluate several policies concerning nuclear safety requirements.
123) These actions signaled to all that the USNRC lacked interest in enforcement and protection of workers on the front lines of danger Moreover, a plant fired an employee who reported a regulatory violation and the nuclear energy industry then blacklisted the employee.
3,(2010) [hereinafter USNRC FIFTH REPORT] (summarizing establishment of NRC and legal framework of nuclear regulation); see also Atomic Energy Act of 1946, Pub.
See USNRC FIFTH REPORT, supra note 63, at 55 (discussing establishment of USNRC and USERDA); Perrow, supra note 52, at 45 (describing creation of independent regulatory body).
See USNRC FIFTH REPORT, supra note 63, at 55-56 & 58 (listing IAEA nuclear safety agreements ratified by the United States and describing Plant inspection and licensing process); see also Dave Gram, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Trial Wraps Up, HUFFINOTON POST, Sep.
See USNRC FIFTH REPORT, supra note 63, at 58 (placing burden on operating organizations to ensure plant safety).
USNRC, RECOMMENDATIONS FOR ENHANCING REACTOR SAFETY IN THE 21ST CENTURY" THE NEAR-TERM TASK FORCE REVIEW OF INSIGHTS FROM THE FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI ACCIDENT 69-70, (2011) [hereinafter USNRC TASK FORCE REPORT] (summarizing recommendations by task force and reviewing USNRC regulations in light of Fukushima Daiichi).
Ehret, Bayer AG, Germany "At USNRC, we are using FLUENT to analyze potential nuclear plant accidents.