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Between 1995 and 2007, the USOE completed four statewide evaluations of school counseling programs.
The results from these evaluations were used by the USOE to develop leadership strategies to promote and sustain implementation of comprehensive developmental school counseling programs across the state.
The authors collected outcome data directly from the USOE on 144 Utah public high schools.
An e-mail letter from the USOE was sent to the guidance director or lead school counselor of every public high school in Utah, inviting recipients to take part in this study.
One of the first things Harry Jager, director of the Occupational Information and Guidance Branch of the USOE, did after this legislation was passed, was to issue a formal USOE policy statement that said, "Counselor education is graduate education.
I was a member of an advisory group of counselor educators appointed by Ralph Bedell, Chief, USOE, Title V-B, charged with recommending which institutions should be awarded V-B grants and which should not.
Because of the tight coupling between program evaluation and policymaking in Utah, the USOE has developed centralized administrative authority over the CCGP.
The USOE sponsored six steering committees: (a) Career and Technical Education Steering Committee, a supervisory state-level group under which the CCGP program falls organizationally; (b) Metro Steering Committee, composed of urban district level counseling directors; (c) High School Steering Committee, composed of eight high school counselors; (d) Middle School Steering Committee, composed of eight middle school counselors; (e) Elementary Steering Committee, composed of eight elementary school counselors; and (f) Rural Steering Committee, composed of rural district counseling directors.
This vetting process ensures that USOE expectations (upon which the evaluation system is built) reflect the collective judgment of practitioners about effective program practices.
Every year since June 2005, every secondary CCGP has submitted both a guidance activity and a Closing the Gap results report to USOE in order to maintain its CCGP approval status and continue to qualify for its school's share of the $8.
A variety of online tools allow USOE to effectively reach out to teachers in remote locations and provide them with the same high quality training received by those teachers in more populated locations.
Due to the unique nature of iAssessment's technology, USOE can now offer its districts the platform for a statewide decision support system.