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Beginning in the late 1980s, the USOE awarded small grants to cohorts of pilot high schools to implement the state-supported comprehensive guidance program (CGP), a state model based on comprehensive developmental guidance.
Between 1995 and 2007, the USOE completed four statewide evaluations of school counseling programs.
It is not uncommon to find educators developing entire identification systems based on the six USOE categories and in the process treating them as if they were mutually exclusive.
In September of 2004, the USOE assisted in distributing the Stream Side Science manual to all 285 of Utah's ninth grade earth systems science teachers.
With the support of USOE, The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VPI/Virginia Tech) with Dr.
Because of the tight coupling between program evaluation and policymaking in Utah, the USOE has developed centralized administrative authority over the CCGP.
Office of Education definition (USOE, 1977) and the Interagency Committee on Learning Disabilities definition (ICLD, 1987), and one to both the USOE and NJCLD definition.
Then the USOE and the DIT/USU developed a set of specific standards for the endorsement program.
USOE's Summer Conference planning committee (1993) and hosted the annual UACTE, USOE and USHE breakfast.
To support the implementation of these data projects, USOE provided training by Trish Hatch, coauthor of the ASCA National Model[R] (American School Counselor Association, 2005), with full-day and half-day training on the use of data in school counseling programs during June 2003, January 2004, and June 2004.
The USOE continued its interest in the evaluation of guidance and counseling by sponsoring research seminars at the University of Georgia in 1961 and at the University of Michigan in 1962.