USOFUniversal Service Obligation Fund (India)
USOFUnited States Orienteering Federation
USOFUnited States Oil Fund, LP (est. 2006)
USOFUS Olympic Foundation (Colorado Springs, CO)
USOFUnisa Sexual Orientation Forum (est. 1997; South Africa)
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However, if the Planning Commission raises objections to the higher outgo of fund from the USOF budget, the proposal could be delayed as the model code of conduct comes into effect sometime around February- end next year as Parliamentary elections are scheduled for April- May.
The USOF objected and sent Reliance a showcause notice, suggesting a penalty of Rs.
Sibal said that he had studied the contract between Reliance and USOF and overruled his bureaucrats.
Glen brings to USOF over 25 years of non-profit and for-profit knowledge.
USOF has been primarily an all-volunteer organization with 6,000+ members, consisting of individuals and clubs throughout the U.
More information about USOF and its member clubs, and about orienteering in general, can be found on the USOF web site http://www.
As of the end of the quarter, total net assets in USOF had grown to $265,387,000 based on 3.
USOF is a commodity based exchange traded security that seeks to manage its portfolio such that day-to-day percentage changes in its NAV track the day-to-day percentage changes in the movement of crude oil prices as represented by certain benchmark crude oil futures contracts.
That way we can focus on making this event fun for everyone," said Laurie Daniels, senior vice president of administration for USOF -`95.
Fortunately, this Festival is located in a city which is home to one of the fastest-growing high-tech markets in the country," said Peter Brownstein, manager, information services for USOF -`95.
power feeding arrangement to Outdoor BTS ,Commissioning of 20 KVA DEA set ,Restoration of 11KV 3phase power supply at 17nos USOF Tower for conversion of same to GSM BTS site of Phase -VII GSM Project under Berhampur & Phulbani SSA
Tenders are invited for Shifting & Installation of 1x20 KVA DEA set from USOF site Sindwar to T.